Tim Rowe

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Tim and his family came to CMC in 1992 when it was called Ft. Wood Christian Church. Originally from the East Coast, they came here when Tim was assigned to FLW as an active duty soldier in 1984. They became members of the Crocker Christian Church after moving to Crocker in December of 1984, but came to believe that with their military background they could serve more effectively with our military- based congregation.

In addition to serving as an elder, Tim leads a mid-week Bible study and periodically teaches Bible classes on Sunday. He participates in many of the congregation’s activities.

Tim and his wife Debbie celebrate 36 years of marriage in February 2008 and have 2 grown and married daughters, Staci and Deanna and 6 grandchildren. Each one of their daughters has 2 girls and 1 boy.

Having retired from the US Army in 1989, Tim now works fulltime at Ft Leonard Wood. In his spare time he and Debbie have a small farm just north of Crocker where they raise beef cattle.