Missions We Support

Rob & Lynne Branham, working with Australian Christian Mission, are currently living and serving in Australia. Rob and Lynne are both graduates of Central Christian College. They have been in ministry for nearly 20 years and have recently joined with Tim and Dawn Yates of the Australian Christian Mission to plant a new Church in Cameron Park, located 2 hours north of Sydney. They are passionate about seeing Australians come to Jesus. 



Zach & Alyssa Murphy are missionaries to Germany, affiliated with Outreach International.  Zach and Alyssa are graduates of Central Christian College of the Bible. They have been serving in Germany for 2 years and presently live and serve in Celle, Germany.  They are trying to start a church in Celle, while working with a church in Peine and have also started an English-speaking group in their home.  Many in Germany do not believe in the God of the Bible and only 3% attend any church at all.  Zach and Alyssa are reaching out to people in Celle, developing relationships and opening doors to sharing God's Word and the good news of Jesus.


Solid Rock Christian Church & Children’s Home

Western, Kenya – AFRICA

Allen & Karla Contreas at Manzanillo, Mexico.

Gasconade Christian Service Camp has been in existence for over 50 years! Countless young people have been influenced for Christ through her ministry. The camp is located off of Highway T outside of Waynesville, MO.


The Foundation was formed during 1986/87, to offer an education in the Bible, to all, anywhere in the world. Due to the world's economic and political posture, which seems set to worsen, classical missionary work is under threat. Many doors have already closed to the physical presence of missionaries. Prospective students are not financially able to attend a campus or even pay for a course by extension. In some countries the legal transfer of monies is not possible.

C.E.F has come into being for the express purpose of meeting these situations as they develop. Their response is to provide a full and free Bible education by extension in evangelical and fundamental New Testament Christianity, communicating by mail with all who desire to study God's word. Students are counselled by older, qualified teachers of the Word from churches which make it their aim to reproduce the church of our Lord as it is portrayed in the New Testament.

In October of 2011 the offices of CEF were moved from AZ to Christ's Mission Church in MO. The ministry is continuing to communicate and educate by mail but another avenue is soon to take place!

We are working hard at getting the entire CEF school online. Soon a student will be able to go through all 24 Bible courses via the internet. To see the new CEF website just click www.cefcollege.com