History Of Christ's Mission Church

    Christ's Mission Church is a non-denominational, New Testament Christian Church that was started on September 18, 1988, to better serve the needs of the immediate Fort Wood area and was originally known as "Fort Wood Christian Church".  The church was the brain-child of an Army Chaplain and a local minister who wanted to see more New Testament Christian Outreach to the military stationed at Fort Leonard Wood and was a joint effort of several independent Christian Churches in the area.

    For the first year and a half, the church met in a day care facility and had a hard time establishing its identity.  Some of the core people who had committed to starting the church moved away and the church struggled.  The average attendance never went over 20 and because of some new Army regulations that prevented the chaplain from preaching off post, Virgil White, the minister of First Christian Church in Waynesville, found himself ministering to two congregations. 

    In May of 1990, the church was able to purchase a small church building on a quarter-acre lot.  After some renovation, they were able to move in on June 1st.  On July 1st of that same year, Jeff & Mary Brown moved from Arizona to work with the church on a full-time basis, with the help of mission support.  With a permanent location established and a full-time minister on the field, outreach to the military began to happen and the attendance began to grow.  When the average attendance consistently reached into the 40's and 50's, it was determined by the congregation that they would need to relocate in order to keep growing, therefore, a land search began. 

    In 1992, three acres just north of the existing property was purchased and in November of 1996 the church moved into a new 5400 square foot multi-purpose building.  In the spring of 2000, the church was able to purchase an additional two and half acres adjoining their existing property for future expansion.  Also in the spring of 2000, because of an increase in attendance, the church went to two Sunday morning Praise & Worship assemblies.  An 8,000 square foot educational wing was added in 2008. In February of 2020, the church completed its third and final phase with the addition of an 8,100 square foot building that includes a worship auditorium with seating for 220 people, an office complex, a nursery complex and a large open foyer with a coffee bar. Relocating to the new building freed up the original building to be used for its designated purpose - a fellowship hall/youth center/gymnasium.  The future of Christ's Mission Church is bright because our past has been so blessed.