Monty Ouellette
Even though we moved to Arizona, we still attend assembly with everyone at CMC via live stream on YouTube. Here in Tucson, AZ I have yet to find a church that preaches the word as it is written. You all need to feel so blessed that you have Jeff, Bob, Bill and others who preach at CMC. We have been attending a church called Ina Road Church of Christ. We stopped attending there because they do not provide safety concerning the Coronavirus. I know that CMC had a spell of CV-19 and we prayed every day for the comfort you all deserve. I just want you all to know that My thoughts and prayers are with everyone at CMC.
Francoise DuDoit
I will be relocating from the Chicago area at the end of Aug. I'm very involved in my current church as office administrator, and sing in the band. I look forward to visiting your church as I search for a new church home. I'd like to meet new people to get some insight of my new area in St Robert.
Montana "Monty" Ouellette
I moved from the area just about a year ago (April 2017). I have lived out here in Arizona since then. Well, just like my OLD friend Bill Force told me, "I bet you will be back." Well we are coming back. My house here in AZ sold. We will close on April 20th. The primary reason we are coming back is mainly due to missing the family at Christ's Mission Church. I have missed CMC so much, not to mention the special people whom I consider to be very good friends of mine. Thanks to CMC (which is all of you).
danette adelstein
keep the faith!!!
Have blssed day, good to be with curch last sunday
Dot Haggerty
How can I find words to console you Carol and your family. My heart aches that I cannot be there to give you a hug. I thank you for allowing me the privilege of breaking bread with you, Drew and his Dad, when you came to visit me. I loved Drew right off and his sense of humor was amazing. Know that you are all in my prayers and Drew is in the company of some mighty fine people. I love you Carol. The sermon I just witnessed was outstanding and thank you for allowing so many of us who could not attend to spend this time, this way, with all of you.
JIm and Deborah Haggerty
My wife and I had the privilege of visiting your Church Structure. More importantly we were blessed with meeting many members of your Church. It was our interaction with so many folks that reaffirmed my faith in Gods Love and Direction. It was through each of your stories and actions during my sister Carols time of need during Drew\'s transition, that I realized the importance of simply and honestly walking that walk of true Christianity. Each of you embodied what I envision a Church Family to be. I have searched through the years to find such a family in the areas that I have lived. I\'ve met several folks who are members of varied organized religions and interact with them on a daily basis. The comfort I felt and the peace of mind I gained knowing my sister and her family are a part of your Church was intense. I thank you all and pray that you experience growth in numbers as you minister the teachings of Christ. albeit we can not attend your services and Bible Studies on a regular basis or routinely join you in fellowship I want to share our feeling of respect and desire to be part of your extended family in Christ. Don\'t stop being who you are, and know that our door is always open as we journey together in Christ.
Don Chandler
Thank you for allowing Drew's service to be posted on here for those of us out of state and were unable to attend to be able to feel as if we were there, you performed a beautiful service and I am very proud and honored to know you and Drew. Thank you.
Jackie Loveall
I just showed your web site to a young military couple and found Sermons on line- whoo hooo. Love That!!
Your site is very informational about your ministry. I am looking forward to visiting soon!
liane and richard
Very awesome amazing site keep up thee good work bless u all
TSGT GERARD SAUCEDA, US Air Force, Feb-may 2012
Thank You Jeff, Like to thank you and All your Family in CHRIST, for allowing me to share the time and to glorify God and our Our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been Great. To all memebers Continue to learn and give a Lost a drink of water and always be able to share the Word and remind them how awesome our Lord is. Act 2:38 says Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for our remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. And His death on the cross for our sake, Please give my Love to Ron and Kathy Rodriguez for thier Hospitality and for inviting me to your church. Peace be with you. Thank You Again
Mark Powell, Dir ofChristian Military Fellowship
If you have those in the military that you are praying for, we would be happy to provide them with free New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs in military covers for their encouragement. It has helps of God Story and about God\'s desire for us. Please visit our website, click on \"Service Member Referral\", and provide the information needed to mail the NTs to them or your church address. Thank for your support and prayers. God bless and protect them!
In Him,
Mark Powell, CMF Director
... A Ministry of the Christian Churches & Churches of Christ (Est.1968)

Note: If you would like to financially support this effort, disignate on your donation. See are website for address.
Home - Christian Military Fellowship
Mark Powell
Keep up the good work for Christ and His Kingdom! God bless.
Looking for some feedback on your church....looking to to visit soon =)
Kurt Hirschfeld
Thanks for posting the sermons. It is nice to hear Jeff's voice. We miss you guys.
Dan and Steffi Bent
It is great to see old familiar faces, and great to see that the church is going strong and growing stronger. Lots of prayers from Germany.

The Bent Family
Mary Brown
How great to see you all (even if it was only in photo's)! Jeff, it was great to hear the sermons....
I have yet to find a congregation that is as rock solid as we found in MO. Doug (formerly known as Doogie) starts high school in the fall. How does that happen? Where does the time go? I've kept in touch with Sheri Wilson...would love to hear from you all as
Kurt Hirschfeld
I love the web site. Greta job. We really miss you guys and the church. Thank you for preparing us for our journey and lives as followers of Christ. We have so much to talk about and catch up on. We love you guys.

Kurt, Regina, Craig, John, Katie and Amilynn Hirschfeld
Luke Weiss
Thank you for posting wonderful sermons online.

one day i would love to visit and listen to the sermons in person :)
Julie Hoffman
hello brothers and sisters in The worderful land of MO...
Was looking at the pictures and feeling sad that Kevin and I missed all the fun at the 20th anniversary Celebration. I must say that we miss you all The girls are growing fast and doing well. Kevin is in Collage now and I am working at Local YMCA.. we are safely living in montana if anyone wants a personal tour of Yellowstone park just say the word. our e-maill is hope to hear from you soon
Lisa Johnson
It was so good to be with you on Sunday,8/10.
I check the site regularly. If you have an e-mail prayer chain, please add me to it.
Debra Muse
Thank you to our brothers and sisters at Christ's Mission Church for all of your prayers. Our family would not, could not, and cannot make it with out you and your petitions to God on our behalf. Through God's Love, the Muse Family
Melissa Eggen
Very informative site. Nicely put together. I especially love the sermons on the site just in case you miss coming. That is really admazing. This church shows Christ's kindness and love the minute you walk through the door. Thank you for doing that.
Ralph Shead
This is an attractive website and informative.
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