Ironmen is an accountability group aimed at helping men redirect their life to Christ and claim victory in the battle for sexual purity. Ironmen is designed for men who wish to break free from the chains of pornography and sexual addiction and grow closer in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Ironmen meets weekly and is intended to help men of every age, married or single (18 Yrs+), build close bonds through accountability, fellowship, and God’s word. 


“Ironmen” is a term that defines men as they should be. The way God intended us to be. Pure, upright, God honoring, who are equipped with the spiritual armor to fight and win the battle for purity. 


Perhaps you are struggling with sexual purity in your life Perhaps your relationship with Christ is not what it should be because you’re bogged down in a never-ending battle with sexual temptation. Maybe you have given up because praying more and reading the bible more doesn’t seem to solve your problems. You might be at a point of hopelessness because that “way out” that God promised just hasn’t ever seemed to pop up when you needed it. There are three critical factors that you may not have considered. This is a daily fight, that requires you to Run away from sin, Run to God, and Run with others. “White knuckling it” through your temptation just isn’t going to work. You need to become deliberate about your fight for survival and arm yourself with the tools to recognize Gods plan for victory in your life. 


Fort Wood Ironmen meets on Sundays from 0630-0830 at Christ's Mission Church. 


This ministry is set to begin the FIRST SUNDAY in January 2020. 

Not meeting due to weather: 12January20


Point of Contact for the Fort Wood Ironmen ministry is: 


Adam Van Allen

Cell Phone: (512)-718-1496


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