All Singles are welcome

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Walter Doyel.

I have been leading our Singles Group, called CMC Singles, for around 3 years. We meet once a month, our goals are to have fun and fellowship with other single people. We do many fun things, like going to the Springfield Cardinals baseball games, we try out different restaurants, go to movies, have game nights, we have went and watched live plays. Different married families have invited us to their homes, for a meal and games.

Many singles have said, they are so thankful for a group like this. It gives them friends to spend time with and fun and laughter. Which is so important to have. We all need each other, knowing that someone cares to be our friend. We are a Christian group, putting Jesus Christ in the center.  Our purpose is to gather singles together to enjoy fellowship. People ask sometimes, what age group is this for? We have different ages, 18 to 70's and with this wide age group, we still have a great time together.

We are not a dating service. We meet together as men and women, but our purpose is not to hook people up. This could happen and thats OK. We exist, for singles to have the opportunity to have a group of friends to have fun and spend time with.

We would be more than happy for you to join us, I might even have a few good jokes to make you laugh. lol

I believe that there is something spiritual, help from God, when people gather together, even when it is just having a good time together. I invite you to come and meet with us, come and make some new friends. What can be better than that!

                                                                                                                                                                         Your Single Brother in Christ,

                                                                                                                                                                         Walter           573-528-5102

  September 2018  
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